09:21 - 10. mai 2017

The young lions

OBJEKTIV: Preus Museum commemorates the fortieth anniversary of Fotogalleriet.

Tom Sandberg (1953-2014) Untitled, 1979.

Five artists, five days, five colours and five hours for the fifth issue of the Plantation journal.  

Charlotte Cotton on her brand new book Photography is magic 
The interesting stuff always comes from the artist, not the institutions.

New forms of life: the physicality and poetics of pictures 
A conversation between Sara R.Yazdani and Susanne M.Winterling

Denne artikkelen er hentet fra en av samarbeidspartnerne i Morgenbladets tidsskriftportal. Se mer fra norske tidsskrift i PORTALEN

Preus Museum, Norway’s only museum devoted entirely to the photographic medium has put together The Young Lions, an exhibition in two parts, chronicling the forty year long history of Fotogalleriet. Part I traces the lineage of Fotogalleriet, an artists run initiative and gallery founded by Tom Sandberg and Dag Alveng, from its inception in 1977 up to the present. Part II is an exhibition consisting of nine young artists whose work is said to reveal certain aspects of the photographic discourse today.


I’m not going to write a gripping tale of my meandering through the exhibition. Of how I learned facts hitherto unknown to me. Of how I confronted certain preconceived notions about our collective photographic history. Or of my being moved indelibly by an image I had not seen in a decade or two. Whether this show leaves me at times wistful, outraged, offended or merely shrugging my shoulders is a discussion better left to a different setting. Neither will I make sweeping generalisations about «where» photography and its accompanying discourse is at the moment based on the works on display in Part II because doing so would seem antithetical to the issue at hand.



Mer fra Portalen

FETT: Identitet og splittelse i Maggie Nelsons «The Argonauts».

FETT: Er transnasjonal adopsjon et udelt gode? 

ARGUMENT: Vi ønsker ikke å være i nærheten av lik, dødssyke og farlige personer.

PROSA: Revolusjonære oppstander har blitt spredt gjennom papiret som medium. 

ARGUMENT: Hvordan CO₂-lagring egentlig fungerer.