Fra Morgenbladets debatt- og foredragskalender
tir 05.06.2018
09:00Universitetets aula

The Holberg Symposium, 2018: «Democracy and Truth»

Can democracies arrive at truth – and if so, through which mechanisms?

In many nations, there is concern about whether democracies can arrive at truth - whether the issue involves questions of fact (the risks of immigration, climate change, tobacco, war) or policy and law (how best to address social problems, in terms of the precise relationship between means and ends).

This symposium is meant to explore a wide range of related questions:

Should democracies be more technocratic, that is, should they empower experts?

What kind of threat is posed by the rise of “tribalism,” in various forms, in so many nations?

Is deliberative democracy feasible in the era of social media? If so, what form would it take?

How do behavioral findings about bounded rationality bear on our theories of democracy?

Is John Stuart Mill’s “harm to others” principle now obsolete?

Should social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) be regulated in the interest of truth, or democracy?

Should such social media platforms regulate themselves? How?

How should we think about the rise of China, in view of traditional commitments to democracy and truth?

Is Hayek’s emphasis on the dispersed nature of knowledge in society more or less relevant today? Open to the public, free admission. No registration required.