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tor 22.09.2016

Alt Går Bra: Tout Va Bien Series

Alt Går Bra presenterer Tout Va Bien Series: Le Peuple Qui Manque med Julie Rongved Amundsen

Alt Går Bra presents Paris-based curatorial platform Le Peuple Qui Manque in conversation with Oslo-based critic Julie Rongved Amundsen.

With crowded shows at Parisian institutions and alternative art centers, curatorial platform Le Peuple Qui Manque brings to Bergen the latest developments of their research. These include their projects in the format of symposium-performances A Government of Times (Chicago-Leipzig) and Au delà de l’Effet-Magiciens (Paris), along with their latest film Ciné-Tract, about the Nuit Debout.  The curatorial platform Le Peuple Qui Manque was founded in 2005 by Aliocha Imhoff and Kantuta Quiros. www.lepeuplequimanque.org

Art critic Julie Rongved Amundsen researches theater and performance, closely linking them to politics and ideology. Rongved Amundsen has written numerous texts about performing ideology departing from performance either in politics or in the arts. She is currently working on a critical book about the uses of ideology in the Norwegian spiel or reenactment culture. In dialogue with Le Peuple Qui Manque, Rongved Amundsen will contribute to the discussion about art and politics from her specific viewpoint as a critic. www.julierongvedamundsen.wordpress.com

The presentations will be followed by open discussion with the public.

The Tout Va Bien Series is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, Fritt Ord, and Bergen City Council.


Some recommended readings:

Le Peuple Qui Manque States of Temporal Opacity http://www.lepeuplequimanque.org/en/dakart-2016-conferences.html Curating as Research http://www.lepeuplequimanque.org/en/curating-research.html Antiphotojournalism. Strategies of the Visible and the Invisible http://www.lepeuplequimanque.org/en/mutations-paris-photo-2011.html

Julie Rongved Amundsen Performing Ideology. Theatricality and Ideology in Mass Performance https://julierongvedamundsen.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/performing-ideology-theatricality-and-ideology-in-mass-performance/ Hillary Clinton, retorikk, ideologi og teatralitet https://julierongvedamundsen.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/kunsten-a-vaere-mor-som-retorisk-ovelse-hillary-clinton-retorikk-ideologi-og-teatralitet-pa-the-democratic-national-convention-2016/ Trumps teatralitet https://julierongvedamundsen.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/trumps-teatralitet/

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